Monday, February 12, 2018

Building an igloo!

Building an igloo out of milk jugs.

We need many more 4 liter milk jugs so please keep sending them to school.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Time Capsule

We wrote letters and put them into the Time Capsule. It will be opened in 2042!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Morris Museum

We walked to the Morris Museum. We saw alot of weapons like guns and an axe. We ate bannock and it was very delicious. We learned about Alexander Morris and the treaty 1 land. It was very fun.
- Jacob

We walked to the museum and we saw alot of toy cars and there were also guns and dolls. We ate bannock and learned about Alexander Morris and the town is named after him. Mr. and Mrs. McCrady talked to us about the bison coat. Ms Martens wore the coat and she looked funny. - Wyatt

Design Process - Using Light

Erin, Ethan and Jarett
In our design process we had to find a way to reflect and transmit light. We shone the light on mirrors and it bent the light and reflected.

Brooklyn, Brennan, Danika and Hali
We made a flashlight and had so much fun. We made it out of wires, 2 volt light bulb, toilet paper roll, 2 batteries, electric tape, scotch tape and a prism. We enjoyed all the time we had together. We shone the light through the prism and it reflected and transmitted. Although we had a couple of rough times we made it through!

Samantha, Jax, Wyatt and Zula
We did a design process on light and we shone light through the box. The box had mirrors in it. The light reflected off the mirrors.

Damon, Ben, Addy and Owen
We chose to reflect light. We shone light through the water and it reflected off the mirror. We made a rainbow.

It was hard to make, but at the end it turned out great. We had lots of fun working together and we hope to work together again. We had 3 lights shine down on mirrors. The light reflected off the mirrors. By Jacob, Olivia, Candice and Nolan.